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PerrinMD can help you fix your gut, balance your hormones, and lose weight by testing for underlying causes and setting you up for success with a personalized treatment plan.
PerrinMD can help you fix your gut, balance your hormones, and lose weight by testing for underlying causes and setting you up for success with a personalized treatment plan.
Stop accepting these symptoms

Stop accepting these symptoms

Hormone imbalance with brain fog and mood swings

Low energy from unrestful sleep

Uncomfortable or embarrassing digestive issues

Trouble losing weight and keeping it off

Weight loss plateaued despite all efforts

Inflammation with body and joint aches

Your body shouldn’t hold you back from living your best life

If you’re dragging yourself out of bed every morning and not making it to noon without a fourth cup of coffee, your body might be trying to tell you something.

The good news is that whatever uncomfortable symptom is negatively impacting your quality of life, PerrinMD can help you feel confident about your health again.

Discover the  root cause and get started with the right treatment plan

Discover the root cause and get started with the right treatment plan

By identifying the root cause of your symptoms with a comprehensive evaluation, PerrinMD can help you regain control over your health again. If you are struggling with any of these common problems, call us today and let’s get started with a treatment plan to help you get your health back on track!

Hormone Issues

Many women accept things like lack of energy, weight gain, and even brain fog as they get older. We can help you figure out if a simple hormonal adjustment could help you to feel yourself again.

Weight Loss

You shouldn’t have to give up on fitting into your favorite pair of jeans. We can help you reset your metabolism and kick start your weight loss success with a personalised program.

Gut Health

It’s not easy living with uncomfortable and often embarrassing gut symptoms. We get to the root cause so that you can regain the quality of life you deserve.

Bone Health

As you age, it’s a good idea to take proactive steps to maintain your bone health. We provide testing so that we can help you take preventative action.

Dr. Perrin is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Integrative Medicine

I’m Dr Khanh Perrin, and I’m here to help

During my 15 years of practicing medicine, I’ve come to realise that what really makes me excited it helping people live healthy, high-quality lives (and not just trying to make people less sick).

I’m passionate about helping people ditch their embarrassing gut symptoms, get back to a healthy weight that they can maintain, and balancing hormones for optimal health. Many conditions that I have treated over the years are preventable. With proper testing, I am able to help my patients get back on track with their health and ensure they continue to live their best lives, even as they get older.

This is what our patients have to say


Dr. Perrin is kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. She spends time with you, answers all your questions, and is willing to work in tandem with your healthcare team to solve your health issues.  Plus, her staff is 1st rate!!

Margaret H
Google Review

I love Dr Perrin, she is very knowledgeable about so many facets of health and healing.  She has been my doctors for five years, always willing to partner with me regarding my treatment plan.  She has and extensive background in Integrative health and healing, always up to date on the latest research and treatment…

Susan R
Google Review

Dr Perrin and her supporting staff are all FABULOUS! Dr Perrin’s attention to detail & thoroughness makes you feel safe and supported. She thoroughly explains every detail on your blood work.  I’ve been seeing Dr Perrin for several years…I have vastly improved results from her care!  I highly recommend her. You will only see results if you are consistent with the care that she provides. Which means taking all the medication‘s the creams the supplements…EVERY DAY

Michelle M
Google Review
Take control of your health today

Take control of your health today


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When you choose PerrinMD, you will be treated like the unique individual you are. That’s what sets us apart. We care about where you’ve come from and where you are going on your health journey.

If you’ve already tried several treatment options that haven’t worked for you, we understand that you might be feeling disheartened. That’s okay! We are here to listen and understand. And then get you on track with a treatment plan to help you start feeling better as soon as possible.