Uncomfortable gut symptoms shouldn’t rule your life

At PerrinMD, we help you make sense of your body’s gut problems and provide a personalized treatment plan so that you can get on with living your life the way you want to.

Life’s not fun with these symptoms:

Life's not fun with these symptoms:
Abdominal pain and bloating after eating
Constipation or diarrhoea
Gut issues preventing weight loss
Weight fluctuation

If something seems off with your body, you should find out what’s going on

If you can’t enjoy a meal out with friends because you fear the consequences, something is wrong. Uncomfortable or messy gut symptoms are not ‘just something you have to live with’.

At PerrinMD, we take a comprehensive approach to gut health to give you clarity on what’s going on in your body.

A gut health specialist can give you answers

A gut health specialist can give you answers

Thorough Testing

Comprehensive on-site testing using cutting-edge technology will reveal any culprits such as: Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity, Leaky Gut, Food allergies (IgE) and food sensitivities, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, Candida overgrowth or Intestinal inflammation.

Holistic Approach

Once we know what’s going on in your body, we can fix the problem. This may include traditional Western medicine practices or more natural, holistic strategies (or a bit of both). The goal is to heal your body so that you can feel confident about your health again.

A Way Forward

We guide you on how to cure your gut issues for good. With the right information and plan, you don’t have to give up the foods you love, nor the lifestyle you deserve, just to avoid gassiness, bloating, and general discomfort.

Restricting your diet and still experiencing symptoms?

The trial and error of eliminating foods, trying to figure out what you can and can’t eat, only to continue struggling with the same annoying symptoms is frustrating.

I can help to alleviate this stress by giving you answers that take into consideration lifestyle, bathroom habits, skin rashes, or sensitivities, and anything else that can help shed light on your situation. This, along with the results of your lab tests enables me to create your customized treatment plan.

Dr Khanh Perrin, MD

More Energy

Finally get to the bottom of what’s been causing your discomfort.

Better Focus

No more wasting time trying endless diets. Feel confident about a treatment plan that’s designed for your body.

Healthy, Strong Body

Stop worrying about where the nearest rest room is and get on with your life!

This is what our patients have to say


Dr. Perrin is incredible. I’ve gone to so many Dr’s to try to figure out what was wrong with me and why i always felt sick. She is the first Dr. that took all of the tests necessary to get to the root cause. I’ve been seeing her for almost a year and will never go back to my other Doctors. She completely got my gut health under control and on a healthy diet. She found out so many other things that after taking a few natural supplements for a couple months have pretty much gone away. I’ll be 50 this summer and I haven’t felt this good in years!!! i’ve been able to lose over 40 pounds now that i feel like myself again!!! I highly recommend her. Please reach out if anyone has any questions.

Anna M
Google Review

It my last appointment I told Dr. Perrin that she had changed my life. It wasn’t hyperbole. I went in for unexplained hair loss and instead of just running some hormone tests, Dr. Perrin suggested evaluating my gut. Yowza! No other doctor has been so thorough (both in the testing and in the explanations of whys/hows/results, etc.). I wish I had gone to her years ago! I changed my diet and hello well-being! My stomach now functions like a “normal” person’s does. As someone who has struggled with undiagnosed gut issues for decades, her help has been invaluable. And, my hair is growing back. I’d give her 10 stars if I could.
ps. She now breaks down her fees into how long your appointment is so you can go for shorter visits more often. Super helpful!

Take the first step   towards healing your gut today

Take the first step towards healing your gut today


Call Our Office

Call and speak to our new patient coordinator who will help you book your appointment.


Get a Plan

After meeting with you and conducting testing, we will develop your personalized treatment plan.


Start Feeling Better

With the answers you deserve, start feeling better as you follow your treatment plan under our guidance.

We get it

Our approach is unique because we don’t just look at your diet. We consider everything you tell us about your lifestyle, as well as the results from your tests, to form a complete picture of what’s going on in your body.

If you’ve been struggling with your symptoms for a while, you probably fear that you will never feel ‘normal’ again. There is hope! With regular check ups and continued support, we will help you fix your gut so you can get on with your life!